What is My Wine Box Vietnam


My Wine Box Vietnam is a start-up run by 3 wine enthusiasts and wine professional in Vietnam.

We all have many experiences in the wine industry all around the world since many years.

The concept is easy, you can subscribe from 1 to 12 months to the box of your choice.

What we do for you? We deliver you 3 wines in a box that we selected from serious wine importers here in Vietnam.

What's in MWB-1

We are working on the market as professional and have a big overview of the market and wines available.

We believe that our selection is the best quality-price ratio that you can find in Vietnam.

Our strength is that we gonna provide you exactly the same price as if you go to a wine shop to get a wine.

It’s really important for us to stay accessible to everyone.

In the box, we gonna also provide you a booklet, which explains where the wine is from, who is making it, where, how, and so many anecdotes about wine.

Also, some voucher to go and enjoy meals in new restaurants opening in town

How much does it cost?

Discovery Box: 1.600.000VND / Premium Box: 4.500.000VND

Take a step in the wonderful world of wine with us, you will not regret it.

How do I register?


You just have to send us your information: wich box do you want (Discovery or Premium), delivery address, Phone number and we gonna contact you for your first delivery.

If you want to offer My Wine Box Vietnam for a special occasion (wedding, birthday, baby shower) we can help you to celebrate this unique moment with a personalized service.




2 thoughts on “What is My Wine Box Vietnam

    1. Dear Hayler,

      thank you for your feedback. As french people we are not totally confident with your langage but we do our best to improve our skills everyday.
      Btw the booklet we provide in the box was corrected by several people from USA and England so no need to worry about that.

      Looking forward to count you as a futur lovely customer,

      Best regards,

      My Wine Box Team


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