The largest wine cellar in the world

The largest wine cellar in the world is not in France, Italy or Portugal (three of the main wine-consuming countries), but in a small country, between Roumania and Ukraine: Moldova, more precisely in the city of Milestii Mici. Nestled 80 meters underground, 2 million bottles are scattered over nearly 200 kilometers of galleries. To visit this wine cellar, people moves mainly by car in some large street named with wine grapes, Chardonnay street, Sauvignon street, a dream come true for every wine lover!


Europe map with the main wine-consuming countries and the localization of Moldova


They have optimum conditions for the preservation and aging of the wines: a constant temperature between 12 and 14 degrees and a humidity level between 85 and 95%.

The wine has been part of Moldovan history for a long time. It has been 5,000 years
that vineyards are grown in Moldova and the Russians introduced modern viticulture in the 19th century.

Today, the vineyard in Moldova represents 2% of the world vineyard area, Moldova produces several hundred different wines and 95% of production is exported, mainly to Russia, Israel but also China, Japan, and the USA.

Although it is the largest Wine cellar of the world, it’s not the most famous of Moldova. Cricova, the second biggest wine cellar of the country, 80 km long, in a Limestone quarry of the 15th century, offers the same conditions for the preservation of the wine than the Milestii Mici. The most interesting point is the invaluable treasure it contains. Thousands of bottles, stolen by the Nazi Hermann Goering and recovered by the Red Army soldiers after the German surrender were stored in Cricova wine cellar.

It also contains magnificent first great Bordeaux wines, excellent and prestigious portos, Italian wines and other European wines that make up this sublime treasure, and the reason why at the time of the USSR, most of the wines served at receptions came from Moldova.

This underground wine cellar welcomed many famous people as Iouri Gagarine in 1966, Angela Merkel or John Kerry who have their stockpile in Cricova wine cellar and Vladimir Poutine who celebrated his 50th birthday in the cellar.

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