The coolest wine app

You don’t know how to match wine and cheese?

Does a Camembert matches with a Chardonnay? Or is it better with a red burgundy?

Say cheese! We have a great news for you.

Gary Bader, a searcher of the university of Toronto, launched last December the wineandcheesemap app, using an algorithm to create a map of perfect wine and cheese pairing according to science. His wife inspired him to create this app.




Each circle on the interactive display represents a wine or cheese: There are about 270 yellow circles for cheeses, and the red and white circles represent roughly 100 different kinds of wine. Zoom into a single yellow circle and you’ll see the best wine pairing recommendations for that particular cheese, as well as which other cheeses are most similar to it in taste.

You can reach wine by country, grape variety and the author want to add pairing with Champagne and beer.

You can easily find which cheese matches your favorite wine!

Click here to discover this wonderful app before your next wine and cheese party!



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