How to store Wine?

Yes or No-1Keep it in the dark. Store all wines away from light, especially direct sunlight and fluorescent fixtures. UV rays can cause wine to be ‘light struck,’ giving them an unpleasant smell. Darker bottles are better protected and some bottles have UV filters built into the glass, but enough UV rays can still penetrate to ruin the wine.

Keep the temperature constant. For extended aging of wine (over 1 year), refrigeration is a must in Saigon.

Wine storage temperature should not go over 24°C, for longer than brief spans of time.

At 24°C, wine begins to oxidize.

An ideal temperature for storing a varied wine collection is 12,2°C. The temperature should never fluctuate more than 1.6°C a day and 2.7°C a year, especially with red wines, which will suffer more temperature-related problems than white wines.

Isolate the wine.
Remember that wine “breathes”, so don’t store it with anything that has a strong smell, as the smell will permeate through the cork and taint the wine. Good ventilation may help prevent musty odors from entering the wine.

Don’t mov
e the wine. If possible, store the wines in such a way that you don’t need to move them in order to reach a bottle to drink. Try not to move a bottle at all once it is stored.
Even vibrations from heavy traffic, motors, or generators may negatively affect the wine.

Store corked wine bottles on their sides.
If they are stored upright for a long amount of time, the corks will dry out, and air will eventually get to the wine, spoiling it. If you store it label side up, it’ll be easier to spot any sediments that may have formed in the wine over time when you do eventually pick it up.


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