The coolest wine app

You don’t know how to match wine and cheese? Does a Camembert matches with a Chardonnay? Or is it better with a red burgundy? Say cheese! We have a great news for you. Gary Bader, a searcher of the university of Toronto, launched last December the wineandcheesemap app, using an algorithm to create a map of perfect wine and cheese pairing according to science. His wife … Continue reading The coolest wine app

The largest wine cellar in the world

The largest wine cellar in the world is not in France, Italy or Portugal (three of the main wine-consuming countries), but in a small country, between Roumania and Ukraine: Moldova, more precisely in the city of Milestii Mici. Nestled 80 meters underground, 2 million bottles are scattered over nearly 200 kilometers of galleries. To visit this wine cellar, people moves mainly by car in some large … Continue reading The largest wine cellar in the world