Wine journey in the Napa Valley Wine Train

All aboard the most unique memorable way to experience Napa Valley’s exquisite scenery and best wines—the Napa Valley Wine Train. The fully-operational antique train is powered by two modified 1950s-era engines that run on an eco-friendly combination of natural gas and diesel fuel. The locomotives pull vintage cars that have been refurbished to their original... Continue Reading →

Johnny Depp Spends $30,000 a Month on Wine

If Jack Sparrow likes Rum, Johnny Depp is a real wine lover! Depp’s former business associates say the actor knowingly spent $2 million or more a month to maintain his “ultra-extravagant lifestyle” during the 17 years in which they worked together, according to a complaint filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court and posted by... Continue Reading →

Benefit #1: Wine is good for the brain

It’s no secret that moderate wine consumption is beneficial to your health. It prevents against heart deaseses, Alzheimer and Parkinston  But there’s even more good news. Madrid-based Institute of Food Science Research has just found another benefit to drinking wine. According to Science Daily, Dr. Esteban-Fernández and her team at the Madrid based institute are studying... Continue Reading →

How to open wine?

Whether you are sharing some wine with friends or celebrating the new year with your family, you need to know how to chill, open and serve a bottle of wine. My Wine Box Vietnam offers you some easy tips! Let's become a wine expert!

Swim in Wine, a dream come true

Recent studies suggesting that the French suffer less heart disease due to a regular intake of wine confirmed what most oenophiles have long suspected: wine not only tastes good - it's also good for you.

How to store Wine?

If you bought a bottle of wine and you are not planning to drink it right away you should know how to store it if you don't want that your wine turns to vinegar.

The coolest wine app

You don't know how to match wine and cheese? Does a Camembert matches with a Chardonnay? Or is it better with a red burgundy? Say cheese! We have a great news for you. Gary Bader, a searcher of the university of Toronto, launched last December the wineandcheesemap app, using an algorithm to create a map of... Continue Reading →

The largest wine cellar in the world

The largest wine cellar in the world is not in France, Italy or Portugal (three of the main wine-consuming countries), but in a small country, between Roumania and Ukraine: Moldova, more precisely in the city of Milestii Mici. Nestled 80 meters underground, 2 million bottles are scattered over nearly 200 kilometers of galleries. To visit this... Continue Reading →

What is My Wine Box Vietnam

  My Wine Box Vietnam is a start-up run by 3 wine enthusiasts and wine professional in Vietnam. We all have many experiences in the wine industry all around the world since many years. The concept is easy, you can subscribe from 1 to 12 months to the box of your choice. What we do for... Continue Reading →

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